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Upgrade existing EAS infrastructure with Firefly's Pedestal Retrofit System

Retail gate pedestals   small resized 201Specialized Conversion Kits for adding RFID to traditional EAS systems

Firefly RFID makes it easy and inexpensive to migrate to RFID.  With our PRS-100 Pedestal Retrofit Solution, your existing EAS infrastructure can be upgraded with the added functionality of RFID.  For example, know exactly which items left the storeā€”sold or unsold!

Firefly RFID Solutions... Advanced RFID Appliances for the Enterprise

Firefly RFID Solutions enable Enterprise-class RFID supply chain applications for in-store retail, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing. Built to perform at the highest levels, Firefly RFID systems also deliver flexibility, enabling any level of RFID visibility at any point along the supply chain.  

Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide range of reliable deployment and cost options for inventory and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), asset management, and Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).  From the sophisticated OMS-100 Overhead Monitoring Solution to the robust LPS-100 Logistics Portal Solution, Firefly RFID has your Enterprise solution.

Appliance Architecture Assures Plug-n-Play Functionality

All Firefly RFID products utilize our Appliance Architecture that delivers functionality with Plug-n-Play operation.  The advantage of this approach is that Firefly RFID appliances can operate autonomously (stand-alone) ... or as integral components of networked systems.  In most cases, Firefly RFID products are interchangeable with only minimal modifications to antennas and application software.

Optimized to deliver the highest level of RFID performance 

Each Firefly RFID product has been optimized to deliver the highest level of performance in each appliance class. Refer to the Product pages to learn how Firefly RFID can provide high performance RFID for your critical asset management applications.