Company Background

Firefly RFID Solutions Inc. is the advanced RFID division of Komtus, Inc. headquartered in Charlotte NC.

About Firefly RFID Solutions

describe the imageLocated in Sanford, NC, Firefly RFID Solutions was founded when BCS Solutions acquired RFID Resolution Team in February of 2012.

Firefly offers world-class, yet affordable RFID appliances for the Enterprise RFID supply chain market. Firefly's products enable bi-directional communication with tagged items in a unique way, enabling long-range RFID with passive UHF Gen 2 tags.

Today, Firefly RFID's mission is to address the industry's major challenge to widespread adoption of RFID—the high cost and difficulty of installing traditional RFID systems.  Firefly RFID Appliances solve these problems. Firefly RFID appliancse are affordable, yet provide all the functionality expected of each appliance type.    

In addition to its focus on supply chain RFID automation, Firefly RFID also specializes in custom surveillance and support systems including systems for the Department of Defense such as inventory support systems that incorporate RFID/GPS/sensors/radios/etc. to provide the needed G2 on field assets.