RFID vs. Barcode




 Line of Site

 Not required (in most cases)


 Read Range

 Passive UHF RFID:

  • Up to 40 feet (fixed readers)

  • Up to 20 feet (handheld readers)

 Active RFID:  ( battery on board)

  • Up to 100's of feet or more

 Several inches up to several feet

 Read Rate

 10's, 100's or 1000's simultaneously

 One at a time


 Can uniquely identify each
 item/asset tagged.

 Most barcodes only identify the type of
 item (UPC Code) but not uniquely.


 Many RFID tags are Read/Write.

 Read only


 RF (Radio Frequency)

 Optical (Laser)


 Some RFID frequencies do not react
 well with Metal and Liquids. They
 can interfere with some RF

 Obstructed and damaged barcodes
 cannot be read (dirt, tears, fading).


 Most "fixed" readers don't require
 human involvement to collect data

 Most barcode scanners require a human
 to operate (labor intensive).