Adding RFID to EAS Systems

Multi-Item Detection
and Identification

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RFID EAS is rapidly becoming a preferred loss-prevention technique over traditional EAS as passive UHF RFID tags, fitted at source, offer the opportunity to track items all the way through the supply chain from factory to the store exit. The so-called ‘one-way’ tag is relieving the retailer of the cost of handling returnable tags and this saving is making a significant contribution to the ROI in the adoption of RFID by apparel retailers.

Passive UHF RFID tags identify precisely what is passing out of the exit, providing security staff with precise rather than generic information about the product detected.

Firefly RFID offers appliance-based solutions for RFID EAS with advanced features to protect merchandise close to the exits, to trigger external devices such as security cameras and to alert store staff via mobile devices such as iPads or iPhones. 

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Get Started with a the Firefly RFID Pedsetal Retrofit Solution  

Firefly RFID is making it easy and inexpensive by offering RFID Trade-up Kits that re-commission traditional EAS gate pedestals. Almost immediately, retailers begin to reap the rewards of tracking with RFID that provide item-level nformation.

  • FireflyRFID panels add RFID-based EAS functionality while keeping the original EAS functionality of existing pedestals.
  • Both RFID and traditional EAS tags can be utiliized. FireflyRFID EAS Panels convert RFID tag signals to a traditional EAS format that interact with existing EAS systems.
  • Traditional EAS tag signals are allowed to pass through to interact with existing EAS systems.
  • Less than 1/2 inch thick, FireflyRFID panels fit inside, in front or next to existing EAS pedestals. Optional people sensors can be also be installed to provide traffic information.

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