Software Partners - U.S.

Firefly RFID Solutions is proud to count several signficant and highly qualified integration and development companies as Firefly RFID Partners.  And...we are in the market for new business partners who want to take advantage of the appliance-architecture approach that we are building with our product line.  Our goal is to make it easy for integrators, as well as end-users, to build their systems around the Firefly RFID system architecture.    

If you are a system integrator or reseller looking for an edge in the rapidly expanding RFID market, call us!


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 EnaSys specializes in advanced RFID asset tracking and inventory solutions.  One of EnaSys' key deployments is in Data Centers where accurate inventorying of electronic assets is aided by a "lights out" inventory process enabled by Firefly RFID appliances.




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Verdasee Solutions

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  VerdaSee Solutions, Inc. is an advanced solutions integrator that creates products, systems and services that address the most demanding and important "Auto ID" initiatives in the world: those which impact the protection and preservation of human life.


Verdasee is one of Firefly's most important partners in that Verdasee is leading the charge with the U.S. Department of Defense in providing strategic RFID-based "secure case" solutions used for monitoring the location and status of key assets around the world.  

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