APS-100 Asset Portal Solution

APS 100 Cropped

Originally designed as an LTO data cartridge RFID tracking system utilizing Volser RFID enabled labels, the APS-100 was a collaboration with Harloff (transport case manufacturer), Dataspan (data tape and label supplier), and EnaSys (asset management software provider). The APS-100 provides theability to accurately read a large volume of data cartridges in a locked transport case as they pass in or out of a secured area without stopping or opening the case. Previously, this was not achievable using standard RFID readers or portals.

The APS-100 solution is not limited to tracking data cartridges. The APS-100 is a very high performance portal and when utilized with EnaSys Asset Management software, can track many different assets as well as personnel. The system can be configured to provide shipping and receiving notices and verification, chain of custody tracking, and guard against unauthorized asset movement.

The APS-100 uses an array of low cost, low profile antennas configured to provide high performance at all tag orientations. This system is designed for indoor data center applications. For more rugged warehouse and distribution center environments, see Firefly's LPS-100 Logistics Portal Solution. For overhead applications, see the OMS-100 Overhead Monitoring Solution.

RFID Inventory Applications for Data Centers

Protecting electronically stored data has become a major priority for Data Centers throughout the world.  The loss of this data adds up to millions of dollars every year.  In many cases, this data is in the Data Center, but can't be located.

Firefly's software partner, EnaSys, specializes in Asset Tracking and Locationing system specifically built for Data Centers.  The EnaSys solution is a "lights out" inventory approach to Data Center assets that essentially eliminates the risk of lost assets, protecting the margins of Data Centers from one of the costliest and most pervasive forms of loss.  The EnaSys solution is a scalable solution from single sites to multiple installations.

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  • Full data center solution with asset management software
  • Reads all tapes in locked Harloff case without stopping
  • Reports motion direction of tape
  • Reads assets on carts and hand carried



  • Data centers
  • Storage vaults
  • Chain of custody applications
  • Anti-theft
  • Shipping and receiving


The Harloff Transport Case Demo