LPS-100 Logistics Portal Solution

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The LPS-100 Logistics Portal Solution is a rugged RFID system designed for warehouses, distribution centers, and other locations with dense reader deployments and simultaneous RFID portal operations. This system was evaluated and refined at the European EPC Competence Center and won the RFID performance trials at Metro AG. This system design has been implemented in hundreds of sites across Europe.

As with all Firefly products, the LPS-100 adheres to the Firefly Appliance Architecture by delivering Plug-n-Play functionality out of the box. The can be installed for stand-alone operation or fully networked operations and directly connects to back end systems to report motion direction for each item.

Depending on your requirements, the LPS-100 systems can be fully configured to match your specific requirement depending on whether you low, medium, or high density traffic patterns and manual or fork lift operations.



  • Ideal for rugged warehouse environments
  • Supports dense reader and close operations
  • Reads fast moving, large tag populations
  • Reports item motion direction



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  • Dock doors
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Retail store receiving