MRS-100 Mobile RFID Solution

MRS 100 Cropped

The MRS-100 Mobile RFID Solution is designed for quick, remote field deployments such as temporary airfields, loading docks, as well as emergency and triage operations where systems need to be portable, fast to setup, and reliable with little or no supporting infrastructure.

The entire system is enclosed in two carry bags and the reader is protected in a weatherproof, IP67 enclosure. The system can be configured for area scan, as required for muster point operations, or as a portal to record threshold crossings.

Firefly’s unique Appliance Architecture design is utilized in the MRS-100. The system also utilizes advanced energy buffering to allow operation at full power, low duty cycle, when little power is available and to extend battery life type operation. The MRS-100 can be configured for Wi-Fi and mobile device communication


  • Remote, portable RFID solution
  • Area scan for muster point operations
  • Easily carried, weatherproof (IP67) portal
  • Quick, simple setup and teardown


  • Mobile RFID applications
  • Temporary field installations
  • Incident site personnel and equipment management
  • Emergency and triage operations
  • Remote airfields and loading docks

MRS-100 Mobile RFID Solution