PRS-100 Pedestal Retrofit Solution

PRS 100 2 Cropped

The PRS-100 Pedestal Retrofit Solution is Firefly RFID’s truly innovative approach to fast, inexpensive EAS-RFID upgrades. The system uses a proprietary technology to allow the addition of RFID to existing EAS systems without changing existing procedures, alarming, or servicing. In most cases, the upgrade is unnoticeable to customers or staff.

The PRS-100 installs in a matter of minutes and consists of a flexible sleeve that slides over the existing pedestal. All reader components and antennas are embedded in the flexible sleeve that can also be printed with targeted advertising.

In addition to RFID, the PRS-100 adds remote maintenance and reporting to legacy systems, as well as providing all the additional features available with RFID such as itemizing loss and  interconnecting with inventory and reordering systems.

With the PRS-100, you can continue using traditional EAS tags. Firefly RFID pedestal upgrade panels convert RFID tag signals to a traditional EAS format that interact with existing EAS systems while the traditional EAS tag signals are allowed to pass through the PRS-100 sleeve . Your EAS tags continue to work as before.


  • Retrofit versions for both AM and RF pedestals
  • Alarms over existing EAS pedestals
  • Standalone or networked configuration (POE or Wi-Fi)
  • Quick, simple installation, in less than 5 minutes


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  • Existing EAS pedestal upgrades
  • Trial RFID systems
  • Dual pedestal systems
  • Theft prevention

Watch the installation and operations video