OMS-100 Overhead Monitoring Solution

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The OMS-100 Overhead Monitoring Solution is an alternative solution to the typical entrance pedestals found in many retail establishments. This solution allows unobtrusive overhead monitoring of wide, open entrances that are becoming popular in modern malls and store fronts. Since many premium malls no longer allow pedestals, the OMS-100 allows full monitoring of entrances while still allowing the valuable display space by the store entrance to be fully utilized for displaying tagged items in the area without false alarming.

As shown above, the OMS-100 uses motion and presence sensors along with RFID reads to determine motion of objects in the monitored area. This reduces false alarming from items carried by people passing by, but not through, the entrance or from items in static displays close to doors and openings. The system can also be installed with optional phased array antennas to further isolate items moving out of the store.

Traffic Monitoring

The OMS-100 provides traffic monitoring data with separate counts for in and out with all data time stanped and logged. This data can be used to:

  • Generate traffic histograms of hr/day or day/wk to aid in staffing decisions or hours of operation.
  • Operate door chimes with separate tones for in and out or chime in one direction only.
  • Forward data to head office to monitor live operations.

The system can also provide alarm monitoring data with exact identification of each item in the alarm event with time stamp. Alarm monitoring data can also be used to:

  • Generate traffic histograms of hr/day or day/wk to aid in security decisions.
  • Provide feedback to inventory control or reorder systems.

Remote Console

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A remote console is available in a WiFi enabled tablet for mobile system control and monitoring.

The Firefly Appliance Architecture allows stand-alone operation or fully networked operations. The OMS-100 directly connects to inventory and reordering systems and can also communicate with mobile devices such as tablets or phones.



  • Unobtrusive overhead installation
  • Allows for  tagged items close to entrances
  • Collects traffic statistics as well as alarms
  • Virtually unlimited opening widths
  • Can use inventory RFID tag for EAS


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  • Retail floors
  • Store entrances
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Cross-docking applications
  • Three-dimensional space monitoring