RFID Reader Boards

OEM Reader Boards for Handheld Terminals

Module Board

Firefly's OEM RFID Reader Modules are available for passive UHF, HF, and 433 MHz systems as well as active 433 MHz systems. The OEM reader board shown is a robust dual frequency, UHF Gen 2 RFID solution. The reader operates in both the 902-927 MHz and 433 MHz bands and the advanced antenna design eliminates any backplane RF signal and provides superior speed, range and tag acquisition. The 900 MHz transceiver contains a 4 to 1 multiplexer that supports up to four antennas.

IR-466 Industrial Reader Module

PRS Board resized 422

The IR-466 is Firefly’s robust industrial reader module. This unit provides 1W+ UHF passive RFID that can operate up to four antennas for use in low power applications such as battery, solar, POE or even USB. The module is especially suited for autonomous operation where there is not PC control available or even desirable. In order to facilitate this type of operation, easy to operate switch and pushbutton controls are provided for simple operation without having to use one of the electronic channels. The module is intended for medium performance, low cost applications that still require the high power and sensitivity for longer range capability.

Custom Reader Boards

     Custom Boards

Firefly routinely develops custom reader boards for a variety of applications including hand-held readers, bulk shipping containers, and other solutions requiring specialized form factors and functionality. Contact Firefly Customer Service to discuss your application with our expert engineering staff.



Firefly provides several flat-panel antennas from various manufacurers to best support your application.

MTI 263020

mti 263020 resized 422

Part No: mti-263020/trh/a/k
Application:  OMS-100 
Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Max Input Pwr: 6 watts
Gain: 11 dBic
Polarization: Right Hand Circular
Hor/Ver Beam:  30/63 degree

MTI 262024

mti 262024 resized 422

Part No: mti-262024/trh/a/k
Application:  APS-100 
Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Max Input Pwr: 6 watts
Gain: 7.5 dBic
Polarization: Right Hand Circular
Hor/Ver Beam:  72/72 degree

MTI 262013

mti 262024 resized 422

Part No: mti-262013/trh/a/k
Application:  MRS-100 
Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Max Input Pwr: 6 watts
Gain: 7 dBic
Polarization: Right Hand Circular
Hor/Ver Beam:  70/71 degree

NeWave N3

NeWave N3

Part No: NSS-Wave-N3
Application:  PRS-100 
Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Max Input Pwr: 10 watts
Gain: 3 dBi
Polarization: Multi-linear
Hor/Ver Beam:  360/360 degree