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Remote Console

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The Firefly’s Remote Control Console is an all-in-one touch screen PC that provides full reader control and operation statistics.

Motion and Presence Sensors

Motion Sensor  

Firefly's motion and presence sensors provide traffic monitoring and direction at store entrances, warehouse doors, and other portals where customer and item traffic statistics need to be collected.

Part No: 10WizardG3

Overhead Activation Sensors

 Activation Sensor 

Firefly's Overhead activation sensors provide reader activation and customer motion detection in a robust industrial package. For warehouse portal operation, the microwave sensor can be tuned to ignore pedestrian traffic and only detect large items.

Part No: 10FALCON


Antenna Brackets

Antenna Bracket MT 120018a

Part No: MT-120018/A

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Part No: MT-120018

Remote Console Bracket

Control Console Mount

Part No: ML20B

Power Supplies and Cables


100–250 Vac/48 Vdc, 20W Power Supply with Power over Ethernet Injection.

Part No: PS4820-POE-1 (L-COM)

Firefly Cable

SMA / MMCX antenna cable.

Part No: ePCBL-K1229-39.4